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Adopt-A-Pony gifts can be renewed for an annual fee of £20. This money will go directly to helping towards the upkeep of the pony.

If you are currently an adopter you should be receiving regular updates via email or post. With your final update you will receive a renewal notification.  If you wish, you can change your adopted pony. Please state clearly on the form the name of your current pony and your future choice.

To make it easier, renewals can now be purchased through our on-line shop reducing the amount of paperwork. If you choose to use this option please note your Adoption Reference No. and any changes to details in the message box which is shown in the shopping basket. 

If you have any queries please contact us on When contacting the Centre please have these details to hand; name and address of adopter, name of adopted pony and contact email address. Thank you.

Pony Adoption Renewal

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