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Equine Advice & Support

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Training & Handling

Owning or fostering an Exmoor pony can be a wonderful experience and we are here to support all Exmoor ponies and their guardians. We believe that appropriate and ethical care and handling is vital to ensure a safe home for a pony and ensure both its physical and mental needs are met. 


We offer online and site-based training sessions both for handlers/ carers of Exmoor ponies and also pony training sessions.  During the winter months in particular we also offer handling services onsite at the Exmoor Pony Centre for youngstock coming from the moor.

For non-urgent queries

Please call our office on 01398 323093 or email


For 24 hour Urgent queries

Please contact our out of hours number 079094153324

Sometimes a little hint, tip or support can be the difference between a pony staying in its home or being moved on.  We hope to help as many owners as possible to continue their journey with their pony when circumstances allow.

You can also get the support and advice from the following organisations

The Exmoor Pony Society can advise on passports and registration of Exmoor ponies. 

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