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How We Help

About Our Work

Our charity is dedicated to improving the futures for as many Exmoor ponies as possible.  Our work continues to include taking in the unsold colt foals each autumn from the moorland herds.  However over the last 22 years our activities have broadened to encompass all areas of Exmoor pony welfare, educational work and the opportunity to engage with the rare breed Exmoor ponies.  


The Moorland Mousie Trust is recognised as a leader in the UK for supporting and co-ordinating environmental grazing with Exmoor ponies and at our Exmoor Pony Centre we now offer a range of wellbeing activities to complement our existing pony sessions. 

Welfare & Protection

Every year our charity takes in the surplus of the annual foal crop.  In previous years we may have taken 30-50 newly weaned foals in a winter, nowadays we can usually take into our ownership up to 20 foals per year and assist with several more which can then go to new owners or remain with their purchaser/owner. To date we have handled and trained over 400 foals.

It is our belief that all Exmoor ponies deserve the right to a happy life and so we also take in older ponies that are in need of help. These ponies can be from domestic homes where their devoted owner is no longer able to care for them, or ponies which have been acquired from the sales ring.  Over 100 Exmoor ponies from around the UK have found new lives through our charity, some happily living out their days on conservation grazing and others living in domestic homes, all having received vital training and veterinary care.


The Moorland Mousie Trust and Exmoor Pony Centre are proud to be members of

The National Equine Welfare Council. 

Welfare & Protection

Ponies Helping People
(Equine Assisted Learning)

The benefits of spending time with the ponies can be far reaching and can be undertaken in a variety of formal and informal settings.  


Our ponies have given hundreds of people positive experiences over the years.  Since our early beginnings as a charity we have welcomed groups and individuals to find comfort and enlightenment through contact with our ponies.  

In more recent years we have developed a full range of wellbeing and therapy services, which have been formed through our close partnership with our trusted qualified coach. 

Contact us to discuss bespoke sessions to meet your individual needs

Environmental Grazing

Exmoor ponies have been a part of the landscape of Exmoor for hundreds if not thousands of years, their ability to survive harsh winters and adapt their environment makes them ideal for use on grazing projects.

The Moorland Mousie Trust has been co-ordinating and supporting environmental projects for over 20 years and currently manages close to 300 ponies across over 60 different sites throughout the UK.  

Our knowledge and experience in ‘conservation grazing’ and ‘rewilding’ has given us the skills and opportunity to not only find new homes for the ponies which we take in but also to support other owners and land managers with their own pony grazing requirements.

Every site is special and unique just as each pony has their own temperament and suitability requirements. We pride ourselves on matching these factors and giving both the landscape and ponies a better future.

Equine Advice & Support

Owning or fostering an Exmoor pony can be a wonderful experience and we are here to support all Exmoor ponies and their guardians.

We believe that appropriate and ethical care and handling is vital to ensure a safe home for a pony and ensure both its physical and mental needs are met. 


We offer online and site-based training sessions both for handlers/ carers of Exmoor ponies and also pony training sessions.  During the winter months in particular we also offer handling services onsite at the Exmoor Pony Centre for youngstock coming from the moor.

Ponies Helping People
Environmental Projects
Equine Advice & Support

Gifting a pony to our charity

We know that sometimes circumstances can change and unexpectedly owners have to sometimes consider what is best for their beloved Exmoor pony.  As an equine charity it is important to us to support owners, and where possible find alternatives that ensure a pony’s long term security.  In extreme circumstances this may be receiving ponies into our charity’s care.


If you would like to discuss gifting a pony please fill in the form.

Foster A Pony

Sometimes we have ponies available for fostering.  Please fill in the enquiry form and we shall get in touch to discuss if we have any ponies suitable for your requirements.


Fostering a pony can be an amazing and rewarding experience.  The young ponies require patience, a kind but firm approach and lots of love.  If this is a challenge you have the time, and facilities to undertake we would love to hear from you.

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