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Our Ponies


Leading a natural life

Over 200 Moorland Mousie ponies live throughout the country on environmental grazing schemes. 


These ponies are cared for by conservation organisations, land managers, private estates.  Living a semi wild life is a great opportunity for many of our ponies. 


Assist, Rehabilitate & Rehome

Our charity takes in young Exmoor ponies from the moorland herds every Autumn when those ponies have not found homes to go to.  Our work with them includes veterinary care, training and socialisation.  

Each year we are contacted to support ponies who can no longer stay in their current homes. These ponies are 'gifted' to the charity. Some just need a little love and careful rehoming, others may need to stay longer at our Centre for re-training or veterinary care.


A happy life at The Exmoor Pony Centre

At the Exmoor Pony Centre we keep a core team of riding ponies, uncles and aunties to look after young or new ponies and some ponies who for health or behavioural reasons we have given long term sanctuary.

Some of our resident ponies are available for adoption through our adopt a pony scheme. 


Each year, after the annual Autumn herd gatherings, there are some foals who have not been purchased and can not stay with their herd. Where possible, our charity will take in these foals and give them the opportunity for happy, successful futures.


Every year we give our foals pet names, this is to connect with each foal individually and to group a year of foals together under one naming theme. Each foal has been registered, microchipped and passported. One of the first tasks is to match the foals to their identities by scanning their microchips. Following this, the sometimes-challenging task of handling and neutering the foals begins.


During the winter months we hold Foal Handling Courses at the Exmoor Pony Centre, 

Please contact us for more information.

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