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Adopt A Pony

The Perfect Gift

A gift that lasts a whole year and helps towards the cost of caring for an

exmoor pony for just £2 a month.  


If you already know the name of the pony you wish to adopt please note it in the message box in your shopping cart and your pack will be sent to you with your certificate and photograph. Alternatively, details of all 6 ponies available for adoption will be included in the adoption packs following your purchase. You, or the gift recipient, can then complete a registration form below to let us know which pony you/they would like to adopt.


Giving as a gift:

If you wish to give the pack as a gift please note the name and address of the recipient in the message box in your shopping cart. 

Special requests: 

If you have any special requests please email

What's Included

A lovely gift for any pony or animal lover. Not only will you be able to befriend an Exmoor pony but your purchase will also help towards the cost of its care.

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Adoption Packs

Each pack contains a £5 voucher, an Exmoor Pony postcard, details of the ponies available for adoption and registration instructions. 

After Adoption

After registration Adopters will receive a personalised Certificate of Adoption, photograph of their chosen pony and regular newsletters about the pony and events taking place at the Centre. 

Cost: £24 incl. UK P&P

Adoptions are valid for one year (starting from date of registration). They can be purchased online, in the Centre or by phone.

Once you have purchased an Adopt a Pony Pack, use the adoption reference number found in the pack and complete and submit the Registration Form below. Your adoption period of 12 months will begin. You will receive a Certificate of Adoption and a photograph of your adopted pony. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

You can also use this form to Renew your adoption, please remember your adoption will not be re-activated until the renewal fee has been paid either through our online shop or by contacting the Centre on 01398 323093.

If you have any difficulties completing or submitting the form please email us at

An Adoption


Adopt-A-Pony gifts can be renewed for an annual fee of £20. This money will go directly to helping towards the upkeep of the pony.

If you are currently an adopter you should be receiving regular updates via email or post. With your final update you will receive a renewal notification.  If you wish, you can change your adopted pony. Please state clearly on the form the name of your current pony and your future choice.

To make it easier, renewals can now be purchased through our on-line shop reducing the amount of paperwork. If you choose to use this option please note your Adoption Reference No. and any changes to details in the message box which is shown in the shopping basket. 

If you have any queries please contact us on When contacting the Centre please have these details to hand; name and address of adopter, name of adopted pony and contact email address. Thank you.

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